Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adidas AdiZero Wrestling Shoes Review

Adidas America has released the 2011-2012 wrestling shoe models and we're going to review each of the new styles and colors available this season. All of these styles are going to be available in mid-August and you can get them first at

The Adidas AdiZero Wrestling Shoes are a new, high-performance wrestling shoe from Adidas America that features an incredible, lightweight design combined with technologies designed to improve traction and mobility on the mat. The adiZERO

Adidas Adizero Wrestling Shoes


fishermenas said...

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seher aniat said...

You wear shoes for the same reason you DON'T wear skinny jeans while squatting: The goal is to move the most weight, not make the lift as difficult as possible. the weight will be difficult enough without adding shoe issues. Plus, shoes are allowed in all competitions: I wouldn't tell a football player to NOT wear cleats because it makes playing on turf easier. Wear appropriate shoes for your sport.
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